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Production ended in January downloax Ts like the earlier tanks they replaced were deployed in independent tank regiments belonging to armies, and independent tank battalions belonging to divisions.

DT mm gun 28 rounds. In the downloxd, the remaining IS-2 tanks mostly model variants were upgraded to the IS-2M standard, which introduced fittings such as external fuel tanks on the rear hull the basic IS-2 had these only on the hull sidesstowage bins on both sides of the hull and protective skirting along the top edges of the tracks. It was mainly line 6 spider ii manual pdf download breakthrough tank, firing a heavy high-explosive shell that was useful against entrenchments and bunkers.

Also, the D was a relatively new weapon in short supply, while there was excess production capacity for the A and its ammunition.

The early tanks lacked gun tube travel locks or anti-aircraft-capable machine guns and had narrow mantlets. The D had been designed for anti-tank fire and had better armor penetration than the A, but the smaller caliber meant it had a downlaod useful high explosive round. Views Read Edit View history.

Later in the day, Soviet forces counterattacked and seized the town of Ogledow and found three abandoned King Tigers. Retrieved 27 October Pen and Sword, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

IS tank family

In comparison to the Tiger I, the IS-2 had modest advantages in armour, even though it was 10 tons line 6 spider ii manual pdf download [27]. The capture of a German Tiger tank in January led to a decision to develop a new heavy tank, which was given the codename Object Moscow ordered some KV-1 assembly lines to shift to T production, leading to fears that KV-1 production would be halted and the SKB-2 design bureau, led by Kotin, closed.

IS-2s were solely assigned to the Red Army’s elite Line 6 spider ii manual pdf download Heavy Tank Regiments, with one regiment having a total of 21 IS-2 tanks, spread out across four individual companies that are provided with 5 tanks each, with the remaining one being used by the regimental commander.

Retrieved 6 November IS-2 Heavy Tank To accommodate the Object turret, the KV-1S hull was modified, increasing the diameter of the turret ring with fillets on the sides of the hull. An effort was also made to make use of technical data derived from study of the German wartime Panzer V Panther tank, which influenced the layout of the Objekt ‘s engine cooling system.

Line 6 Spider II 212 Manuals

The Object prototype, a version of the cancelled KVwas accepted for production as the IS heavy tank. This article contains Cyrillic text. Archived from the original on May 22, July Line 6 spider ii manual pdf download how and when to remove this template message.

The D used a separate shell and powder charge, resulting in a lower rate of fire compared to the single-piece ammunition used in most tanks, a serious epider in tank-to-tank engagements. The extremely sandy terrain forced the 11 King Tigers to stay primarily on the existing roads, whilst the defending Soviet forces positioned their tanks and assault guns in hidden ambush positions and focused on the known German avenues of approach.

The Soviets argued that it was warranted, considering the need for wartime expediency and the typically short battlefield life of their tanks.

Manuals | Line 6

Higgins, “King Tiger vs IS Redirected from Iosif Stalin tank. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

line 6 spider ii manual pdf download When shot at frontally, the extreme angle that the epider nose presents results in a much higher likelihood of a ricochet. At any range, the performance of each tank against each other was dependent on the crew and combat situation. The KV-1 was criticized by its crews for its poor mobility and the lack of a larger caliber gun than the T medium tank. This article needs additional citations for verification. Once a breakthrough past the tough enemy lines was achieved, lighter and more mobile and faster tanks referring strongly to the T would take over the exploitation and mopping-up that would follow.

It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as downnload IS-2M, but that designation actually refers to a much later modernization program from the s. In spite of its weight, it was easy to drive due to numerous hydraulic assists.

These independent tank units could be attached to mechanized units, to support infantry operations and perform breakthroughs. They were often employed to spearhead and lead tank attacks and line 6 spider ii manual pdf download break through heavily-fortified German defensive positions ranging from anti-tank defence lines to solid bunkers.