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Microsoft Office for Developers. A collection of SmartTagRecognizer objects that represent recognition engines that label data with types of information as you work in Microsoft Word.

DropLines Represents the drop lines in a chart group. WdWrapSideType Specifies whether the document text should wrap on both sides of the specified shape, on either the convert to pdf download or right side only, or on the side of the shape that is farthest from the page margin. WdRectangleType Specifies the type of rectangle and the information it contains. Would you like to participate? The content you requested has been removed.

We appreciate your feedback.

Represents a single add-in, either installed fo not installed. But I am looking a solution for Slide library. WdTaskPanes Specifies the type of task pane object. WdOriginalFormat Specifies the document format. Is this page helpful? A collection of convert to pdf download objects that represent the columns in a table.

OMathFunction Represents a mathematical function or structure that Microsoft Office Word supports, such as fractions, integrals, sums, and radicals.

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Create an Instance of the Word ApplicationClass Object To work with the Word object model, create an instance of the Word top-level ApplicationClass object and declare a variable to hold the reference to the document. Look at the following table for good reasons not to do so:. The WindowBeforeDoubleClick event occurs when the editing area of a document window is double-clicked, before the default double-click action.

August 22, at 6: Wednesday, convert to pdf download 10, 5: Find Represents the criteria for a find operation. FootnoteOptions Represents the properties assigned to a range or selection of footnotes in a document. To handle this situation, the conversion code is wrapped in a Try…Catch block. Represents a variable stored as part of a document. convert to pdf download the page setup description.

Row Represents a row in a table. WdUpdateStyleListBehavior Specifies the behavior Word should take when updating a style to match a selection that contains numbering or bullets. Footnotes A collection of Footnote objects that represent all the footnotes in a selection, range, or document.

Saving Word Documents to PDF and XPS Formats

But if you are in need of a onetime solution this could be a solution. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my codes? On the project properties page, select the References tab and then select the check box next microsoft.officd.interop.word the Microsoft.

WdMailMergeComparison Specifies the type of comparison to use when a condition is added to a mail merge process. This convert to pdf download handler is included for backward compatibility Represents an invisible box around an equation or part of an equation to which you can apply properties that affect the mathematical or formatting properties, such as line breaks.

Specifies the layout of a letter created by convert to pdf download Letter Wizard. A collection of ListGallery objects that represent the three tabs in Bullets and Numbering dialog box.

Range Represents a contiguous area in a document. CaptionLabels A collection of CaptionLabel objects that represent the available convert to pdf download labels. A Delegate type used to add an event handler for the WindowSize event. SeriesCollection A collection of all the Series objects in the specified chart or chart group. A collection of convert to pdf download objects that represents all the add-ins available to Microsoft Word, regardless of whether or they’re currently loaded.

A collection prf Endnote objects that represents all the endnotes in a selection, range, or document. Represents one of the readability statistics for a document or range.

Saving Word 2007 Documents to PDF and XPS Formats

Represents a single table of authorities in a document a TOA field. The DocumentOpen event occurs when a document is opened. Events interface for Microsoft Word Application object events.

Specifies how Microsoft Word classifies the first character of entries in the specified index. ErrorBars Represents the error bars on a chart series. Represents convert to pdf download page in a document. DataLabel Represents the data label on a chart point or trendline. Word Namespace Office Lists A collection of List objects that represent all the lists in the specified document.

Look at the following table for good reasons not to do so: OMathBreak Represents individual line breaks in an equation.