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Digital Speedometer Sensor 3. Remove remote oil hose black without blue stripe from pulse fitting on starboard side of engine. Mercury Marine Outboard service manuals – the easy way!

Mercury OptiMax Outboard Boat Motor Service Manuals PDF Download

Locate the center point of the slack or lost motion that exists in the shift cable as fol- lows: Washers provide tension between direct injectors, cylinder head and fuel rails. The cowl liner directs this air to the bottom of the powerhead. Sufficient slack must exist in engine wiring harness, battery cables, fuel hose, and oil hoses routed between clamp and mercury optimax manual pdf download attachment point, to re- lieve stress and prevent hoses from being kinked or pinched.

Remove cap and fill engine oil tank with oil. Disconnect water inlet hose. Acquire and read the installation, operation, and manuall manuals for all selected accessories.

Drain water from the oil injection system as follows: Needles that optimas been dislodged may mercury optimax manual pdf download snapped back into place as long as no damage has occurred to the bearing cage. Genuine Mercury Precision or Quicksilver Accessories have been specifically designed and tested for this outboard.

Remove lower mount nuts. Fasten clamp together with two screws. Priming will remove any air that may be in the pump, oil supply hose, or internal sownload. Torque screw to 10 lb. Install the vent plug and sealing washer before removing the lubricant tube.

Remove clamps on transom bracket to free power trim wiring. If backlash pdt less than the specifications, then a larger shim should be installed. Coat mercugy entire propeller shaft with lubricant to prevent the propeller hub from corroding and seizing to the shaft. Torque bolt to 20 lb. Mercury dealer authorized mercury optimax manual pdf download service the product. Bearing carrier must be assembled to provide a pilot for propeller shaft.

Inspect all steering attachment components for wear, lubricate all attachment hardware, and check all fasteners for proper tightness in accordance with the inspection and maintenance schedule. Inspect air compressor air intake air filter in fly- wheel cover for blockage. Card is your key to trouble-free family fun. If removed, install water pressure relief valve components as shown. If you have a dirty old paper copy of this manual or a PDF copy of this manual on mercury optimax manual pdf download computer and it crashed we can help!

Clean connecting rod just enough optmiax clean up bearing surfaces.

Due to the close proximity of the 2 cylinder mercury optimax manual pdf download hose to the flywheel, it will be necessary to trim the length of the 2 oil hose to provide adequate clear- ance between the oil hose and the flywheel when the check dowhload assembly is installed. The inside holes on the transom reinforcement plate are for the lower transom bolts and the outside holes are for the upper transom bolts.

The fuel jercury not only regulates fuel pressure but also regulates it at approximately 10 p. Lubricate all outboard components listed in Maintenance – Inspection and Maintenance Schedule.

Mercury Mariner Service Repair Manuals on Motor Era

Using a hoist, lift powerhead high enough to allow removal of powerhead from repair stand. Slide impeller down driveshaft to impeller drive key. Refer dwnload Service Bulletin Use caution when filling fuel tanks. Page 53 Coat the entire propeller shaft with lubricant to prevent the propeller hub majual corroding and seizing to mercury optimax manual pdf download shaft.

Install trim rods and caps. Pad area of gear housing, where flex handle will make contact, to prevent damage to gear housing.

Attach dowjload diagnostic cable to the ECM diagnostic connector and plug in the software car- tridge. Connecting Rod Cap Alignment Check each connecting rod cap for correct alignment. DO NOT break live circuits at mercury optimax manual pdf download of batteries because a spark usually occurs at the point where a live circuit is broken. Got it, continue to print. Module H; Certification No.