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Request a quote View Prices. To be ready for the new law when it comes into effect on Sunday 1st July, you’ll need to make sure that: What must I do to go ‘smokefree’?

If you manage or are in charge of any premises or vehicles that the new law applies to, you will have a legal responsibility to ensure they become and remain smokefree.

The ‘smokefree’ law was introduced into the UK into protect smlking and the public from the harmful no smoking pdf download of second hand smoke. Scroll down for ‘customised’ signage.

More than 50 are known no smoking pdf download cause cancer. Jim is a prolific networker, small business mentor and a supporter of anything ‘community’.

Signs will make it clear which premises and vehicles are smooing and demonstrate that you are taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the new law.

Scroll down for our free ‘no smoking’ template downloads and please click here to give us a rating. To help you out, facemediagroup.

Free Download, No Smoking Symbol & Smoking Sign Template To Print and download | Face Media Group

no smoking pdf download The legal requirement is A5 sized, we are A5, A4 and A3 available in the order matrix below. Every time someone breathes in second hand smoke, they breathe in over 4, chemicals.

All smokefree premises and vehicles will need to display no-smoking signs that meet the requirements of the new laws. These can be downloaded and printed off on you own office printer, alternatively you may wish to order them from us.

Once the new law comes into effect, it will be the legal responsibility of anyone who controls or manages smokefree premises and vehicles to prevent people from smoking in them. Request dpf quote Order a free sample pack.

Printable No Smoking Signs

Second hand no smoking pdf download is a serious health hazard, and there is no safe level of exposure. If you like it, share it. To be ready for the new law when it comes into effect on Sunday 1st July, you’ll need to make sure that:. Many are highly toxic.

Printable No Smoking Sign

In the quick links section below, are a range of PDF downloads, including official guides and signage. Jim Cunliffe Head of Customer Love. What signage downloar I have to display?

Removing ashtrays Introducing a smokefree policy Training staff to understand the new law and what their responsibilities are. You will have to demonstrate no smoking pdf download you have taken reasonable steps to meet the requirements of the new law.