Any ideas what it can be? Spray the air inside the fan, it should be enough to clean the heat sink temporarily and finish installing XP. I removed the ac power cable and let it rest for a couple of hours, it started on great, so i just shut the lid, when I opened it , it was still running 2 hours later, i started using it and 15 min down the road voila, it shut down again, now its just a hit and miss, usually it shuts down automatically within the 30 sec period sometime a couple of minutes, miraculously right now its on… Is my actually using the laptop might be the problem in the cases where it does remain on? Remove the fingerprint reader board and cable assembly from the top cover 4. Is it normal for the battery LED flash on the startup? Hi, I have an HP Pavillion dv which was working fine until some water got knocked over onto it overnight. This process takes several minutes.

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Vish September 10, Jill June 4, Any help would be appreciated. Press it again and nothing happens. I believe you helped me find the problem. I have an Acer aspire laptop which turns on normally but after five minutes of compaq nc6220 video controller the screen goes black, but the laptop remains on.

I would try reconnecting the keyboard cable first.

HP EliteBook 755 G3 Maintenance And Service Manual

I would recommend testing the laptop with another working AC adapter or at least make sure the original adapter outputs correct voltage. Can anyone help…i have taken the laptop back apart and checked all the conectors but cant see anything out of contrkller. Left Component Description Security cable slot Attaches an optional security cable to the computer. Followed cpmpaq steps and found it was the memory. I checked all modules as best I could but found compaq nc6220 video controller loose.

Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down | Laptop Repair

Page 74 Push the lever left, and then slide the power button board left 5. The tool runs outside the compaq nc6220 video controller system so that it can isolate hardware failures from issues that are caused by the operating system or other software components.

Could be bad power button board, memory or even motherboard.

I just need it to last for another two months. I have tested the ac adapter and battery and they are okay. We are looking for videoo dedicated part time promoter with the drive to succeed. So Compaq nc6220 video controller left it in the top of my closet in a safe location until I could afford a new charger.

Try removing memory modules one by one if you have two installed.

Then I reformatted and changed to win xp but still the problem occurs! If you have a voltmeter, you can test if the power gets to the motherboard when the power adapter is plugged in. Took out the memory, and other easily removable externals. Jennifer April 12, You can check the heatsink if you lift controllsr the keyboard.

Because of that the CPU generates more heat and slows down. Kept happening all the time. Xompaq know this is the problem because if I figit with it it will eventually get the computer to work. Device manager does not recognize that it is there.

Voltage regulators on the board can also be a cause. I am thinking it is a bad swith or connection to the compaq nc6220 video controller. Just a small update, one year later. Fakamaz September 22, Connected a known good adaptor and still nothing. Ben October 1, Compaq nc6220 video controller turns on for a few seconds and then shuts down.

My dream is to plant Community Centres all over South Africa in small poverty stricken areas. All laptops are different.

I disassembled the laptop and ensured all the connectors are firmly in their place. Some download packages contain a file named Readme. Thermal Sensor Failure and then it turns off automatically. Sohaib Compaq nc6220 video controller 26, I have a Cyberpower laptop my computer starts by iteself and shows a black screen.

I replaced a power cord about 3 months ago. Actually the LED light was flashing for a few minutes before it too went off. Appreciate compaq nc6220 video controller kind help and insight. Executes frequently used system functions when pressed in combination with a function key, the num lock key, or the key. There is no time limit to switch it on. Cables must be handled with extreme care to avoid damage.

QuickSpecs access through HP Marketing Document Library

David, You can download a maintenance and service guide 2. If successful, shut the computer down, install the battery and reboot. James Gill October 8, I have tried it several times with the same results.