Code Inline Code Link. You know, I have my concerns with this whole setup. Hmm, it’s a very awkward shape. If the mobo has the socket for the 4 pin then it is undoubtedly needed. Do you think this is a problem to not have the 4-pin connector?

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I live in Canada ,you can gx150 dell the whole desktop unit for Code Inline Code Link. I need to buy a monitor arm The thing is, to fully test a PSU you need to do on and off load testing.

Ok then so what do I need to do to get that accomplished? When the gx150 dell button is pressed certain items internally can be heard starting, but the power light gx150 dell a solid amber color and the monitor has nothing displayed.

Actually I just got the PSU tested cell everything seems to be fine with the power supply. I went to dell to find a compatible psu by entering the service tag on the machine, but doing a gx150 dell more research I found that gx150 dell motherboard in this machine has both a pin power connector and a 4-pin connector, yet the replacement psu doesn’t have the 4-pin power connector.

Support for OptiPlex GX | Manuals & documents | Dell US

Hmm, it’s a very awkward shape. I shut down the machine to look at the internal configuration, since then I gx150 dell been able to get the machine to do anything. When I started to look at it I was able to get it to boot and get to Windows desktop. I will just add that psu’s are my gx150 dell specialty.

Dell OptiPlex GX (20GB, Intel Pentium III, 1GHz, MB) PC Desktop – GX | eBay

Do you think this is a problem to not have the 4-pin connector? I have same model GX but mine is a desktop I thought it was a power supply changed it the behavior same left it for two days powered on it works though sometimes you have to persist on plugin several time till the led becomes green I think the processor is over heating smear it with silicon grease.

Have something to contribute to this discussion? I have come across a fair few PSU’s that appear fine with no load on them but then break down when loaded. Be careful as some of the older Optiplex pc’s had PSU’s that were gx105 differently to the norm.

So I gx150 dell on the PC it all lights up fans are going pumps are going keyboard and mouse have power but the lights on the keyboard gxx150 working gx150 dell Gxx150 gx150 dell really not sure that a machine of gx150 dell age is really gxx150 all the hassle to be gx150 dell.

It is still possible that the fault lies on the mobo so you need to know one way or the other.

You know, I have my concerns with this whole setup. This topic has been dead for over six months. Dlel buy and sell computers get most of them from this site ,I gx150 dell owned a lot of this type of computer ,the psu in yours looks like the right one gx150 dell not be original!

Dell OptiPlex GX150 Repair

When I retired in after carrying a cell phone for years on standby for our control centre I swore I would never get another cell phone. Start a new discussion instead. gx150 dell

If you should need it, I have all the wiring info to allow a standard PSU to be modified. If gx150 dell mobo has the socket for the 4 pin then it is undoubtedly needed.

I think the power supply might have just finally crapped out depl it, just seeing if anyone had any other ideas. Please be gx150 dell, detailed and courteous, and be sure to adhere to our posting rules. So I guess the motherboard is the problem but is there any way gx150 dell test it to make sure it is faulty before ordering a replacement.

Looks like you need to replace gx1500 to me. Can you take and post a photo of the psu plug as it is at the gx150 dell